I am admittedly a technophobe in a technical business and am always on the lookout for people that I can outsource jobs to. If it is WordPress based, Jerry is definitely at the top of my "Go To" list!

Jerry's knowledge and ability easily surpass my own, and his work is fast and thorough. Will be reevaluating doing a lot more of my WP work myself from now on. Jerry is the absolute best to work with IMO, and I have worked with a ton of people on an outsourcing basis.

Jim Patterson

Internet Marketing Tools

Geesh...all of this stuff for a measly seven bucks. I logged into the Gold Member's area and couldn't believe my eyes. There's a plug-in there I've seen advertised for anywhere from twelve to 20 bucks...a tutorial series I've seen advertised at $6.99...three seasonal themes and a whole lot more.

That says nothing about all the goodies that were already on the site when I became a member and the quick, relevant and in-depth help you provided when I had the problem downloading the plug-in reviews.

What can I say, other than to tell people that they're silly if they don't join. The site is easily worth $27 or even $37 a month...and I'm getting it for $7. It's like robbery only I don't need to use a gun.

Joel Cole

As someone who is moderately challenged in the use and administration of C-Panel, especially in regard to ftp and script installation, I have found Jerry's help invaluable. He helped me with my Blog and provided lots of insight into things I had no understanding of. His forte is in the area of SEO and he can help you get organic traffic if that is something you struggle with. As a Team Leader, he can help you with lots of tidbits and tips to tweak your online presence and make it more effective. He is one of the Good Guys and can help you keep focused on your goals. Jerry, aka, Darrell, is a good addition to your arsenal.

Mark Moffett

Jerry really knows what he is doing when it comes to SEO and installing Blogs. He has been really helpful to me helping get my blog up and running. His SEO Tips For Beginners has been a lot of help to me. If it had not been for his help I would have never got this done. Thanks for all the help.

Linda Sapp

Jerry has worked with us on our blogs for years.

Before I met Jerry, I avoided blogs, simply because of the complicated and time consuming work needed to build and market them.

Not any more...

Now, the most complicated marketing and SEO tasks have been reduced to automated background activity. Remarkably, many of those automation plugins are FREE. Jerry's simplified instructions make using them a breeze.

The knowledge he brings to the table is priceless...

Jerry, I cannot thank you enough!

Pat Gunning


My business partner likes to tell people I am a WordPress expert because I am the site manager for HelloHello.net and I help several hundred people with their WordPress blogs and websites. I don't think of myself as an expert, but I know enough about WordPress to recognize that Jerry McCoy is an expert and that he has launched an awesome site that everyone should study like a textbook.

Stan Smith
HelloHello Executive Board Member
The Perfect Storm Team Co-Founder

Stan Smith



I just had to write and tell you... WOW! WOW! WOW! This is definitely the Mt. Everest of blogging tools packages.

Let me tell you folks, if you have a WordPress blog, or have ever considered having one, then you absolutely MUST grab a membership at New WordPress Plugin.

Jerry McCoy is the quintessential WordPress Expert and his new site offers everything WP related. The value for this soooo underpriced Gold membership is completely ridiculous.

Yeah, there is a free membership level but really folks for what he is charging for the Gold level...

New WordPress Plugin is by far the most comprehensive WP blog site I have ever seen. I'm sure he will be regaining his sanity at some point soon and price it at what it is truly worth.

Fabulous Job Jerry.

Mike Tansey

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