Autoblogging System X Review

This Autoblogging System X Review explains why I think very few buyers of this eBook will ever make any serious money using this system.

I had no interest in this product because of the red flags that were raised when I looked at the sales page but I bought it after a member of New WordPress Plugin ask me about it.  The two biggest red flags for me are:

A Loophole Revealed

The headline stating that a rogue blogger is revealing a loophole that allowed him to generate a five figure income in this first 30 days. (If you discovered a loophole that allowed you to make that kind of money within a 30 day period, would you put it into an eBook and sell it to the public for $37.00 while it still worked?  I wouldn’t and I don’t think you would either.)

Author Mentions His Team

Buried in the body copy of the sales page is a sentence where Rob Benwell states he couldn’t wait to get home to try this technique with his team. (This one sentence gave me a clue that you need to have a team working with you to achieve any level of success using this technique.)

Autoblogging System X Content

The book starts out by explaining that auto-blogging has received a bad reputation in some circles.

I find it interesting that the example used to validate the claims made in the book is a site that is a combination of content pulled from other sources and original content.  On top of that, there's no way you could create a site similar to that using just the plugins recommended by the author.  You would probably need to have one or more custom plugins made for you and you or someone that you hire would need to add original content to the blog each day.

After the initial example, the author lays out rules that you must follow to be successful.  I'm not going to tell you what they are but the very first one states that you must understand that auto-blogging is a numbers game.

He stated that to be a keeper a blog needs to make at least $1.00 per day.  If a blog only made that amount each day, on average, he need to have about 900 blogs in place and making money within that 30 day period to make 5 figures in the first month unless a few were huge hits fast.

How many people do you think it would take to do the keyword research, set up and promote 900 blogs?

I have no idea but even if you took the shortcut of using WordPress multi-site in setting up 10 to 50 blogs within a single niche it would be impossible to do it alone.

The only reason I did not request a refund of my $37.00 after reviewing this product for a member of my site was that I was able to use the list of plugins listed in this product as plugins I reviewed for my members.

I had already tested and recommended many of these plugins and dismissed others but since I received information that I could use for something other than the author intended I felt he deserved the compensation that he received.

It is possible to build a profitable blog business where part or even most of the content is generated by someone other than you or people that you hire and  you can also automate quite a bit of the search engine optimization that needs to be done both on site and off site but this product does not teach you how to build a viable business.

I firmly believe that much of the information in this book is outdated and is incomplete which makes it a complete waste of money for most people.  I hope my Autoblogging System X Review has helped you in your decision-making process.

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One comment on “Autoblogging System X Review

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Mike Tansey on January 8, 2011 6:49 pm

Excellent review Jerry.

As with most outrageous income claims on the internet there is a sliver of truth accompanied by a ton of hype. Making money online must be treated as a business and to build a business takes time and effort (and a lot of both BTW).

Yeah… 900 blogs in a month… No problem… NOT!

Thanks for the review blog dude,

Mike Tansey

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