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Which CMS Is Best? WordPress-Drupal-Joomla

The debate over which CMS is best has been around for awhile and it isn't going away any time soon. The people at devios Mefia compared the top 3 side-by-side so you can decide which is best for you. WordPress is the clear winner in my book and the graphic below shows part of the reason I prefer this platform.

WordPress Drupal Joomla Compared

If SEO, ease of use and flexibility are important to you, WordPress is the logical choice. The ability to easily share on social media sitesook.

Autoblogging System X Review

This Autoblogging System X Review explains why I think very few buyers of this eBook will ever make any serious money using this system.

I had no interest in this product because of the red flags that were raised when I looked at the sales page but I bought it after a member of New WordPress Plugin ask me about it.  The two biggest red flags for me are:


Wonder Wheel Category Maker WordPress Plugin Review

The Wonder Wheel Category Maker WordPress plugin is a plugin that is designed to pull categories from Google’s Wonder Wheel that are related to your seed keyword.

Note: I am basing my review on the video and the sales page because I have not and will not purchase this plugin.  My reasons for not buying the plugin will become evident as you read the review.