Wonder Wheel Category Maker WordPress Plugin Review

The Wonder Wheel Category Maker WordPress plugin is a plugin that is designed to pull categories from Google’s Wonder Wheel that are related to your seed keyword.

Note: I am basing my review on the video and the sales page because I have not and will not purchase this plugin.  My reasons for not buying the plugin will become evident as you read the review.

The Wonder Wheel, for those that don’t know, is a tool Google created that shows you the search phrases they believe are the most related to the keyword that you searched.

This plugin was created to scrape post first and second level related keywords.

I have several problems with this plugin and they are:

  • Google does not like people scraping content.  If you use this plugin very much, you will need to use proxies.
  • The categories that the Wonder Wheel sees as most relevant may not be easy to rank for in the search engines.
  • When the plugin creates the categories, it creates the category name and the category slug but it does not enter a category description.

If you allow this plugin to enter your categories for you using nothing but the Wonder Wheel, you will be missing out on some great chances to assist yourself and traffic generation and search engine optimization.

Market Samurai is the ultimate keyword research tool and, I believe, it is a better choice for finding both your primary keyword phrase and the secondary keywords that can usually be used as your categories.  Even though Market Samurai is a paid product, the keyword research portion of it will always remain free.

Your primary keyword phrase will usually have 100,000 or fewer competitors.  It makes sense to have your secondary keywords as phrases that also have 100,000 or fewer competitors.

Ideally, you want your competition to be under 30,000 competing pages.

By manually entering your category names, you can enter the category title and repeat the title as the description and the category slug.  The description that you enter is used as the title tag in the browser.  Title tags are important for search engine spiders in readers for the visually impaired.

This plugin may save you time but it could cost you much more than just what you spent to buy the plugin.  I hope you have found this Wonder Wheel Category Maker WordPress plugin review useful.

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